“Pura Vida” is not just Costa Rica’s national slogan, it’s a way of life in this tropical, biologically diverse paradise for ecotourism. From its rainforests and dense vegetation, its pristine beaches, volcanoes, high mountains, and marshy lowlands, this trip offers all that makes Costa Rica a favorite among nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Whether a gift to yourself, your significant other, or your family members, this trip offers diversity in landscapes, activities, flora, and fauna, with a variety of comfortable lodgings.

Immerse yourself in Mother Nature's gifts for a unique expedition, and experience all that is wild and wonderful in this small Central American country that is a model of conservation and sustainability.

Costa Rica hosts an astonishing share of the world's biodiversity. While this tiny nation is only 0.25 percent of the world’s landmass, it contains as much as 6% of the world’s plant and animal species, including the endangered jaguar, many species of monkeys, tapirs, sloths, turtles, brightly colored macaws and toucans, poison dart frogs, and red eyed tree frogs. It hosts 1,239 species of butterflies, 838 species of birds, 440 species of reptiles and amphibians, 232 species of mammals and 1,500 species of orchids. Recognizing the value of ecotourism, Costa Rica dedicated 25% of the country as national parks and protected area.

Costa Rica is a place that you must visit and enjoy to the fullest, so come and enjoy our wonderful country with the best tourism company “TICOTRAVEL ADVENTURES”



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